Fresh slate

I love this time of year! The Christmas tree and decorations nicely packed away, new year begun and a clean slate handed out to me. There’s always a sense of anything’s possible, regardless of what the previous year has held.

I love to plan and I’m admitting my addiction up front. Rather than the serendipitous hopeful waiting of dreams to spontaneously happen, I like to give destiny a hand 🙂

So instead of setting New Year’s resolutions I’m going with New Year’s expectations! These goals might change during the year…remember the only pressure you have is what you choose to put on yourself. Don’t be scared of pressure though, without it nothing would be born!

Ready for the year?

Before we dream about the year and set practical goals let’s first make sure our brain and heart are aligned. You’re wanting a mix of confidence and realism so you avoid a). Not setting high enough benchmarks because you don’t believe in yourself and b). Not allowing yourself any flexibility for your goals to adapt to unforeseen changes. Having confidence will make you push for goals that require a bit of effort to see them achieved (That’s the good pressure that births dreams). Adding in a pinch of realism helps you stay on track and releases you to change your plans if you need to, and avoid the perfectionist trap.

Is “I can’t” ruling?

Last year I smashed the “I can’t” that was in my self talk through running. My goal was to do my first 5K run. I joined a running group (which just happened to be mainly pro athletes lol) and prepared myself to be lapped many times! During the painful uncomfortable times I noticed the loudest voice was “You can’t do it”. “It’s too hard”. “It’s too painful”. Compared to all these other runners, you suck”.

What did I do? I just kept running. The voice was still there but little by little as I got stronger my own mantra became louder: “I can do it, I can do it, I can do it!” A couple months later and I finished my first race of 6.5km, beat my goal but more importantly beat the voice of “I can’t”. Through this I noticed other areas in my life freeing up as I stopped listening to the “I can’ts”.

Uncomfortable much?

I love being comfortable. Knowing the route that I’m driving. Having coffee with people I I already know. Tried and tested processes that already work. Being at home in my jarmies. The list goes on!


Staying comfortable will not help me grow. Discomfort and growth come hand in hand, and with it those slightly rattled nerves because you’re doing something new! Drat!! I can’t stay comfortable though sometimes I wish I could. Growing means facing your fears. Those voices of doubt inside your head that hold you back from boldly being who you want to be / become.

You decide

You can take comfort in knowing that as you choose to put yourself out there and face your fears in doing / being who you want to be that it will get easier. You will make those new friends, be at peace in your new environment, be growing in something you’ve always wanted to learn and best of all, feeling great about the fact that you are taking control of your life and not letting your fears tell you what you can do.

So you decide what you want your year to look like. Maybe there are things you need to start or stop doing. Remember the only pressure is what you choose to put on yourself and be flexible, if your plans need to change just go with it. Success is whatever makes you happy. One life, live it well.

Good luck!…You’ve totally got this 😉

Rachel 🙂

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