So you’ve never used a VA (Virtual Assistant) before and wondering how they can help your business? All Happie Solutions’ VAs are professionals that have the administration experience and confidence to assist in PA / EA style roles.

How does Happie work?

You’ve decided that you need help. Maybe you are a sole business owner and you don’t want to hire an employee and be responsible for the overheads and responsibilities.

Hiring a VA is the way to go.

‘Love the work you do… give us the work you dont’

You contact Happie and the first information we’re going to want to know is who you are, what business you run and how we can help. You may not even know all the answers to those questions (hopefully you know the first two!) but our role is to come alongside you and learn about your business. As we understand your goals and what you enjoy doing Happie can help free up your time so you really can love the work you do once again.

We offer a great introductory package of your first 10hrs for just $300. Get to know us and how we work by giving us a project that you’ve been delaying or not had the time to do. Yes, we will try and make ourselves indispensable to you 🙂

Depending on what you need we will match you up with a VA that we think will suit you and your business, whether you start off with some adhoc hrs or go straight to a monthly package.

We will send you a VA Profile and introduce them to you. Whether you would like to have a Skype call first or just get straight to work is completely up to you.

You will have direct contact with your VA for the duration of your work and we will oversee the process should you have any questions or concerns.

Our role is to help you get the most out of the relationship with your VA; whether that’s helping you delegate the right work to pass onto them or simply setting up better communications to make sharing work easy and stress free!

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At Happie Solutions, we place long-term virtual assistants that are based in either Australia or New Zealand to help grow your business. All of our virtual assistants are fully vetted, come highly recommended, and have the professional experience and skill set necessary to be a valuable support to your business. Every virtual assistant we place is supported by Rachel, whose professional background has been in providing EA / PA assistance for directors and business owners over the last 15+ years. She understands the value the right virtual assistant can add to your business.


Always loves a good chat, you can connect with Rachel here:

+61 3 9071 1252 | contact@happie.com.au

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