Ontraport is a game changer for any business that want to automate their marketing and customer relationship processes.

From designing specific marketing campaigns, building your CRM with custom tags and searchable fields, creating landing pages that link into your current website or function independently, sending targeted message broadcasts to your contact list…these are just some of the features.

You can custom build campaigns with your business logo, preferred design and once built, you can sit back and watch them in action tracking any contact that comes through.

Some examples that can be linked into your website or launched from a direct message:

~ Contact forms: that trigger and tag all responses into your CRM, launch them into a campaign of services you offer / free knowledge articles and notifies you to call them back.

~ Product forms: that send out free resources and establish a subscriber base.

~ Monetised product forms: that automate payments and track which contacts have bought what product.

~ Event tracking campaigns: to notify of future events, event feedback and offering discounted products.

It’s very much what you can imagine you can create!

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