Far out it’s August already…when did this happen??!

I’ve been doing a bit of study this year and have noticed an interesting trend:

First term everyone is super excited, on time and eager to learn.

Second term the numbers and enthusiasm begin to dwindle, students don’t get along as well as they discover everyone is human after all!

Third term it’s hard to find any students! Gone are the cosy lunches together, skipping class is now a regular, being on time is not fashionable!!

And that brings us to August as we come towards the end of the Third term…a little bit of advice I give to myself whenever I feel the pressure:

If it feels hard, you’re growing. It’s not a sign that you should quit but that you just need to keep pushing through and do it well. Once you’re finished you’ll be able to look back and enjoy the satisfaction of having worked hard.

Nothing good in life comes easy…finish the way you started.

Rachel 🙂

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