April is here already and it’s time to check in with ourselves and see how we are going in light of all those grand plans we made in January!

The excitement of dreaming and setting goals is well and truly past, time is flying by and we are walking on the pavement of our plans.


How is your year going? Is it working out the way you had hoped? Has life thrown a few curve balls? Have you stayed on track with your goals for the year or have you had to adjust them?

There is no right or wrong, as long as you are happy with the choices you are making and keep your intentions clear. They guide you down the path you are going now…If you don’t like the path then maybe you need to reset your intentions…Possibly you’ve gotten off track and haven’t followed through with what you wanted to do at the start of this year? A little time to pause, reflect and evaluate will set you back on the right path.

Life is not as locked in as we think. We really do get to decide where we are heading. Often we need to think in terms of transition rather than immediate change and goal achievement. It might be a 3 – 5 year transition rather than a 6 month plan.


Do you have balance between work and rest?

I have recently added study on top of what I currently do this year but because it’s doing what I love I am still thriving! My calendar has so many different coloured notes I need to wear sunglasses to work out what I’m doing next!

To compensate for my week being very “focused”…(that’s the word I’m going with instead of that boring word “busy”)…I have completely cleared my weekends. I would rather work from dawn till dusk in the week and have a couple days where there is nothing planned so I can lower the rev meter, be spontaneous and allow for some extra nurture time if need be.

I have 3 cheeky monkeys so this is my time to spend with them, potter around the house and make sure the weeds don’t overtake my rockery! I love activity so my rest often looks like: going for a run and then getting a cheeky takeaway coffee, cooking, reading a book etc.

What does your rest look like? Do you have a good balance between work and play? If you don’t pace yourself you won’t be able to finish the race. We’re doing a marathon here people, not a sprint!

So heads up, you’re not alone, we’re all in the journey of life together. If you’re not thriving where you are, then maybe you need to stop, evaluate and change the balance of work and rest.

Rachel 🙂

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