Congratulations! You have realised that your time is limited and best spent focused on what you need to / enjoy doing. You have entered the VA world 🙂

Let’s look at 4 ways you can work more effectively with your VA, so you can kickstart an amazing work relationship:

1. Communicate

Like any working relationship it will take time to build good communication. Prioritise that from the beginning by clearly communicating your deadlines and how you like things done.

For example:

  • You may prefer to email, have a phone call or do a video call.
  • You may like to micro manage or give them deadlines to work to.
  • You may have certain tasks that are confidential and require sensitivity.
  • You may have key areas that you need them to prioritise.
  • You may be easily distracted and need them to help you stay on track.
  • You may have certain clients that need to be handled in a particular way.
  • Are you flexible or do you like things done at a certain time?

Whatever it is. Big or small. Let your VA know so you can be on the same page together.

*A great way to keep communication flowing is by having an onsite meeting at the start of the week and 30m phone calls on other days, or as needed.

2. Delegate

If you have never worked with a VA before…their role is very simple: Provide assistance so you can focus on more important things. Don’t be afraid to delegate. It may require you spending initial time to show them but it will save you so much in the long run!

What can you delegate:

  • What can you delegate that improves your job?
  • What tasks haven’t been getting done?
  • What tasks do you dislike doing?
  • What systems and processes need to be established?

*Begin keeping a list of tasks that you need done. Have it handy so you can add to it as things come to mind.

3. Connect

Here are some great tools to help you stay connected with your VA:

  • Calendar & Email: You can give online access to your calendar and email, as well as providing an email address for your VA.
  • Electronic Signature: You can provide your VA with an electronic signature to enable faster processing.
  • File Sharing: You can share files using Dropbox or use Office365 / Google Online to view live documents easily.
  • Passwords: Provide them with a list of passwords that will help them work more effectively.

*Use a project management system like Flow, to easily delegate, track and receive updates on assigned tasks.

4. Laugh

Though we never like it or want it, mistakes will happen. It’s part of being human. What’s important is how to grow from the mistake and prevent them from happening again.

Some things to consider:

  • Is it something anyone could have done?
  • What was your VAs response? Did they take ownership and were quick to try and repair the damage?
  • Was it a communication issue? Did you communicate your expectations clearly with your VA or were some things assumed?
  • How can you prevent this from happening again? Is there a better system or procedure that could be setup?

*If a situation is getting a bit stressful, have a giggle! If your VA has made a mistake they will feel bad enough about it as it is. Work out how to prevent it and move on!

We guarantee our VAs based on the information provided to us by the client questionnaire and are always available to help resolve any issues that might come up.

We want your VA experience to be a success! By implementing these 4 ways to work with your VA, you are off to a fantastic start!!

Rachel 🙂

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